Release 1.126.0
  • Fix collection social links so youtube channels with custom url should work now / discord invite links / medium links
  • Fix schema creator design on mobile
  • Fix some button stylings
  • Prioritise some tags on the Explorer page so that the big categories are always first
  • Add partnerships link to footer
  • Allow non transferable NFTs to be highlighted on the profile
  • Use space on Explorer collection page a bit more efficiently
  • Added background color to collection image on collection page
  • Changed the simplified types checkbox to a toggle to avoid confusion in NFT creator
Release 1.125.1
  • Fix that you change number when scrolling over
    Number of copies
    in NFT creator
  • Fix bug that a tag with a
    did not work
  • Fix horizontal scrolling on mobile while loading the explorer
  • Fix delete button in bulk listing tool
  • Fix explorer limits so that pages are full on desktop designs
Release 1.125.0
  • New Explorer Design released
  • Collection pages have tags and categories now
  • Fix: Templates without image wont show up on collection page under Hot NFTs anymore
Release 1.124.6
  • Fixed some bugs introduced with the new NFT creator
  • It wasn't possible to create NFTs with mutable data
  • Asset data was not saved on the blockchain
  • When switching images, the button was disabled
Release 1.124.0
  • NFT Creator v2
  • Upgraded bootstrap from v4 to v5 -> New support for bigger screens
Release 1.123.0
  • [Bug Fix] Account avatars were not being shown
  • [Bug Fix] Multi-select was available when seeing other account's inventories
  • [Bug Fix] Blog images on the homepage were not being shown
  • [Bug Fix] Fixed the whitelist link in NFT Creator
  • [Bug Fix] Other smaller fixes
  • [NEW] New section on settings page to manage blacklisted collections/blocked accounts
  • [NEW] Added sort by lowest suggested price in inventory
Release 1.122.0
  • "Blacklist Collection" was renamed into "Hide Collection" on the collection page.
  • Baddays.r2 is supported on the R2 tools page now
  • Fixes for styling issues on mobile Safari
  • Smaller bugfixes / performance improvements