The new block user functionality is great. However, this does cost me ~13 bytes of ram for everyone blocked, so users end up bearing the burden of bad actors (small, but network-wide that's pretty big).
Here's a suggestion to build on that:
Much like the whitelist filter for NFTs, how about an "ignore suspect offers" checkbox that will hide offers from known shady accounts or known scam offer types. Possible identification strategies:
  • Accounts that have been blocked with high frequency in relation to their offers (e.g. have made 10 offers, 50% result in a block - don't apply if only 1-2 offers have been made).
  • Trade offers that offer an extremely low value NFT with nothing (or almost nothing) backed, requesting an NFT with a much higher estimated value (again, heuristics could be tuned to only apply this if account has made a lot of such offers or has been blocked by multiple users)
I believe this could be implemented with very little impact to legitimate offers by making the checkbox off by default until we verify that it doesn't have false positives. Users expecting an offer but not seeing it will uncheck the box.
TBH I don't think there's ever a legitimate use case for a strangers cold-calling with offers like this (offering almost nothing for something of yours of value, without having a personal conversation first). Adding this checkbox will allow many users one-click protection from scam offers.